MyTribe is Digital Marketing for Black Businesses

About Improving Your Business Operations.


A blazing-fast super-reliable dedicated SSD server and a healthy and secure website is at the FOUNDATION of your solid Internet strategy

Team Collaboration

Organizing your team remotely and creating a robust COLLABORATIVE working environment is key in providing business stability

Boosters! & Support

Technical SUPPORT and the right signature website BOOSTERS! will get your business poised for expansion and growth

MyTribe is Marketing with a Purpose!

MyTribe Marketing is the culmination of 20+ years of web design, hosting and business consulting for HUNDREDS of Black small businesses.

The one thing we concluded was that many Black businesses’ challenges were similar. The details may have seemed different but the core challenges were not.

The business technology problems Black brands face stem from a lack of guidance, lack of understanding and lack of affordable support.

So we decided to provide guidance, education and support.

We’ve taken a wide range of digital marketing services and packaged them as bite-sized, easy-to-understand, affordable products. Never before has digital marketing been made this simple!
And for the education and support, we’ll be offering webinars, blog posts, forums and other means of education that teach Business Processes, Collaboration and our Boosters!™. Join our community!

And yes, it’s FUBU.

It’s time to get serious about building our businesses.

MyTribe Community is Necessary

Because the Digital Marketing is Confusing

Just because you're an expert in YOUR field doesn't mean you know how to weaponize it on the Internet

Because Support Should be in One Place

Everything digital marketing revolves around your website. Why should you have to got to multiple places to make it work?!?

Because Nobody Tells You HOW!

You're expected to maneuver your business toward success without support and without guidance?!?

Because it Builds our Community.

Building your business is not just for you, it's for all of us. Building Our Own is the most effective form of protest!

The MyTribe Business Growth Toolset

Domain Names

Your domain name is a key brand element in your business’ identity. It tells both humans and Google who your are and what you do.

Website Design

Your website is your business’ 24/7/365 sales associate. It should always be in-tune with your business purpose and display your best look.

Hosting Care

Hosting Support combined with Google Workspace tools build that collaborative working environment that lets you focus on what you do best, your business.

Website Boosters!

Website BOOSTERS! are our unique way of simplifying, packaging and presenting digital marketing so you can understand and make solid business decisions.

MyTribe Marketing is Technology, Collaboration, Communication & Digital Marketing Specifically for Black Businesses.

Hosting with benefits


Discount website hosting simply doesn't cut it, nor does constantly searching for a web designer to update your site. You simply don't have time for that!

Emailing documents and arranging logistics each time you need to conduct a meeting or need to share documents doesn't work either.

So we created the perfect tandem-solution for your website, security and business communication needs. One solution, all services. Just for you. MyTribe Hosting Care plus Google Workspace.

MyTribe Hosting Care plan may include:

  • 2GB for Website, 4TB Bandwidth
  • Website Control Dashboard
  • 2TB Cloud Storage
  • Website Security Monitoring
  • WordPress Management
  • Security and Daily Backup
  • Monthly Website Activity Reports
  • Discount on Boosters!

Starts at $99/month

Google Workspace plans may include:

  • Custom email address for your business
  • Business versions of productivity apps such as Gmail, online documents and other office apps
  • Business versions of collaborative apps such as Drive storage, Calendar, Meet video conferencing
  • Video meetings with up to 100 people
  • Administrative controls over user access, service policies, and mobile devices
  • Shared Cloud storage
  • Shared team drives

Need a new site or a current site refresh?


Whether you need a brand new site or an existing site refresh, LWD (MyTribe's parent company) specializes in building beautiful and functional websites for every industry.

We offer superior service and unparalleled business guidance for small and medium sized businesses across all industries. Our initial consultations are always FREE!

  • Updated your look and feel
  • Accept website payments
  • Become Mobile-friendly
  • Facilitate viral marketing
  • Sell your products
  • Build your blog
  • Add video
  • Collect email addresses

Starts at $99/month

Your digital marketing rocket fuel!


Frustrated by technical marketing speak and don't know how to get the RIGHT digital marketing for you? MyTribe website Boosters! are our way of making your digital marketing easy-to-understand and easy to use. Each of our Boosters! is specialized and unique and can BOOST your specific digital marketing need.

Select one or more to enhance your website's performance and improve your results.

  • Analytics and Reporting Dashboard
  • SEO Starter Package
  • Content Writing
  • Google My Business Page
  • Social Media Branding
  • And more...

Starts at $99/month

One of the key elements of your brand


Your domain name is a cornerstone of your brand. Its found via search and it's also a part of your business' email address (or should be). Let us help you select the perfect name for you, or if you already have one, transfer it to us and keep all your services under one roof.

  • DNS Monitoring
  • DKIM, DMARC, SPF record maintenance
  • ICANN inquiry responses
  • Efficiency in having all products under one roof

Starts at $99/month

It's time we got serious about growing our businesses.
Communication • Collaboration • Technology • Execution

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