Google & Facebook eCommerce Combo

Prepare to create advertisements on two of the largest ad delivery mediums in the world!

Google provides 5 advertising network opportunities for your products: Shopping, Search Network, Video, Display and App. Unfortunately getting your products “Google ads ready” isn’t easy. Website updates, properly formatted XML feeds, descriptive product criteria, errors… and even then Google may still decline you.

This process is lengthy, a huge headache but totally worth it. Get the preparation work complete and make ad purchasing much easier. Afterward, you’ll be able to create Google ads in any of the 5 networks that fit you best.

Want your products on Google and Facebooks’ big stage? The Google & Facebook eCommerce Booster is for you.

What’s included?

  • Set up and configure your Google Analytics account
  • Set up and configure your Google Merchant Center account
  • Set up and configure your Google Ads account
  • Link all three accounts so they work together smoothly
  • Prepare up to 50 of your store products to get them ready for sale on Google (additional products at an additional fee)
  • Create an XML feed to sync your products with Google Merchant Center
  • BONUS! Install Google Tag manager for future easy administration

We’ll create your Google accounts, link them, configure your product details, create your XML product feed, import you products into Google Merchant Center and have them ready for Google Ads.

What do you get with this Booster?

  • You get your products compliant with the Google Shopping Network
  • You get your products eligible for FREE search results in Google Merchant Center
  • You get your products eligible for Google Ads advertising campaigns
  • You get you completely ready to take on online advertising campaigns

Available soon! Let us email you when it’s ready.

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