Google Black Owned Business Attribute Makes it Easier to Find and Support Black Businesses

The Google Black Owned business attribute helps get traffic for your business. It’s easy, free, and attracts people looking for Black businesses. Learn all about how this distinction can help your business get found!


Why Every Black Business Needs a Google My Business Page

Does your business have a verified Google My Business page? If not, you're missing out on a key piece of the digital marketing puzzle that can connect you to a world of potential new customers. A Google My Business page allows customers to easily find your business, see various business details and help you show stronger in search engine results. Get ready to take notes [...]

What is MyTribe Hosting and Marketing All About? Part 1 of 2

This is the longer backstory of MyTribe Marketing.  If you want, you can "cut to the chase!" It all started back in 1990. I graduated college and struggled to find a job. I earned a degree in Finance from the University of Maryland and I was a young, intelligent, eager, non-threatening Black man ready to fill a quota at some company. I was good with [...]

What is MyTribe Hosting and Marketing All About? Part 2 of 2

I’m Ed. I’ve operated a business practically all my life. Never any funding, little to no guidance but always plenty of positivity surrounding me. I am a self-taught internet-technology, business specialist who uses business strategies and web technology to help Black businesses fight through their development stages and grow into positions of success, reverence and become cornerstones of our community. Helping Black businesses is how [...]
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