What is MyTribe Hosting and Marketing All About? Part 2 of 2

I’m Ed. I’ve operated a business practically all my life. Never any funding, little to no guidance but always plenty of positivity surrounding me.

I am a self-taught internet-technology, business specialist who uses business strategies and web technology to help Black businesses fight through their development stages and grow into positions of success, reverence and become cornerstones of our community.

Helping Black businesses is how I honor my Ancestors and how I promote Black Love.

For the last 20 years I’ve guided hundreds of businesses by helping them solve problems through improved business strategies, successful websites and effective digital marketing. And along the way I received an unexpected lesson about our core challenges and needs as a people.

If the previous political administration taught us anything it is that we are unprepared. It revealed vulnerabilities in our businesses and created a surge in the urgency for us to ‘do better’ going forward. It also was made clear that business-as-usual simply wasn’t good enough. In order for us to move forward we have to become more serious about the roadblocks that hold us back. Our businesses must become our first-line of community stability and they must operate in a more proficient, growth-focussed way. We must become better business owners to make that a reality.

Some businesses are more mature than others, some owners have more experience than others but we all have the same goal: lift ourselves, lift our families, lift our community.

built MyTribe to lift my Community.

MyTribe Marketing has taken a wide range of core business needs and digital marketing elements, grouped them into easy-to-understand offerings and presented them in ways you can actually use. The MyTribe Community will become a resource to share the “secrets” of doing business, with the first secret being… there are no secrets. Business success is a formulaic mix between human behavior, proper business processes and protocols and a solid value offering. You must have a working understanding of all three! Simple, but not easy.

Our ideas need to become our side hustles, our side hustles need to become our businesses and our business need to become our legacies. MyTribe Marketing and the MyTribe Community is designed to become the single source for all the resources you need to get that work done.

Let’s all move forward into a more meaningful life that includes more flexible working schedules, working with people we like and making money. Join the MyTribe community and begin to change how business is done!

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